Arts and Counselling

When you’re an artist, you’ll often need a counsellor or psychologist to help you with your mad rages of excitement, craziness and complexity. The colour, the ideas, the passion all contribute to living and enjoying a great life as an artist. This however doesn’t mean you’ll always be happy and statistics show that some artists can suffer depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions during their career in the spotlight.

For those who are suffering from these conditions and require a psychologist Melbourne, they should visit Total Care Counselling in Altona, Hoppers Crossing and Williamstown. With qualified psychologists, all members of the Australian Psychological Society and with relevant qualifications in counselling, allowing them to practice, the counsellors at Total Care are sure to please.


The thing about mental health conditions is that they can harm anyone at anytime and for any reason. For example Depression, a wide-spread mental illness is estimated to effect one in four people throughout their lifetime. This is a significant figure and without the professional help and assistance of a counsellor, this epidemic of mental health could be series and significant.

When choosing a counsellor in Melbourne such as Total Care you really should consider the expertise and experience of Grace Azzopardi. Counsellors come in many forms, some are great and some are not so great. Many claim to be qualified but are not qualified counsellors in Melbourne so the issue of reputation comes into mind.

I would firmly suggest the consideration of booking a marriage counsellors appointment here with Total Care at the site. Their experience in this field is significant and it is likely you will see great value and inspiration when you talk with Grace. She has help save many marriages and will continue to do so with the good help and support of excellent, willing and happy clients.
Marriage Counsellor in progress



The Arts is all about learning. Learning about new ways of producing works that make the grade for festivals, exhibitions and galleries. In order  to learn art you need to study it. To study it effectively you need to use technology.

Aduro's functionality

When it comes to choosing an Online Learning System, you need to consider the right features, functions and specifications that will meet the criteria for successful learning management system interaction.

An example of a successful learning management system is - an online e-learning management system that gives educators, users and students the right control and interfaces they need to learn and engage effectively and properly with their courses.

We know LMS systems are revolutionising the way education is carried out, the mere practicality of using an LMS for education is not a new phenomenon however over time the great LMS systems and not so good ones have effectively come to light.

Moodle was a well established LMS system in the US, Australia and other countries for a long time. The Open Source framework of Moodle meant that developers could easily interact and embed themselves with a simple and effective online learning platform.

Nowadays SaaS LMS Systems have become far more popular, systems such as Aduro are making this cloud SaaS a reality thanks to the intuitive user interface that some describe as not just revolutionary but incredible intelligent.

In the learning of Art, you need to be able to display visually, the sorts of images and graphics that allow students to interpret and learn different positions, styles and textures. Thanks to Aduro, you can easily upload an image – add a descriptor and post it to the class. You can also use Aduro for assessment purposes including through video and image testing, uploading pictures etc;

The most successful LMS that people in the field of Arts could need is that of Aduro, there is no doubt that Aduro provides one of the most comprehensive platforms available on the market today.

Aduro’s website is here